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I'm on episode four, and I don't really know if I like this show. I… - Higitus Figitus
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Date: 2009-02-03 10:39
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I'm on episode four, and I don't really know if I like this show. I have a couple of problems with it- especially the fact that Tom Jeeter is now a peodphile- like some of the dialogue is really cute, some of the character dynamics are quite interesting and I do like the kids, BUT there's just something about it that makes me feel like I'm watching the show just because..... possibly because the gay son IS ADORABLE. But I don't know...

edited soon after
Went to go make my morning coffee, have a nice relaxing breakfast,
saw the Ant equivilant of the Spartan 300 crawling on the bin, up the wall, ON THE ROOF. Went crazy and tried to find bug spray. Used air-freshener in lieu of bug spray. Started manic gay-panic inspired cleaning frenzy. Decided to debut Esther. Realized paying target for a reasonably expensive dustbuster was a waste of money. Cursed Esther. Realized this house has no cleaning products whatsoever, went to supermarket looking horrible, sweaty and horrible, bought thirty dollars worth of cleaning products. Saw cute boy in the housewares shop. Don't have a nice kitchen so have no motivation to go into housewares shop in order fall in love and live in an apartment where there are no ants, leaves, sand, dirt and dust. Might go into housewares shop later to look for banal item in order to fall in love and move to dream apartment. Forgot to buy dustpan to replace one that was used to get rid of dead rat. Am deciding if using paper will work, or if I should walk back to the shopping centre to buy dustpan. Housewares guy is out of my league and has probably already fallen in love with someone who bought a banal item to get the nice apartment. Need more banal items. Must finish cleaning house. Have no motivation due to lack of coffee. Sad.
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