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Higitus Figitus
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Date: 2007-04-08 22:03
Subject: Ohez Snowz
Security: Public
But soft? What light through yonder window SUCKS
Tis my theatre portfolio
and Juliette can bite me.

Today I woke up early because my math tutor was going to arrive. Half-an hour after he was supposed to arrive I got a message saying "SORRY, b there by 12".
Inconsistent notes on the day
I started work on my Theatre portfolio. Math tutor arrived hungover. Math tutor left early hungover in a rush to get to church. Back to working on my Theatre portfolio. 1,000 words went fast. 2,000. Showered. Ate dinner. 3,000. Checked postsecret (x9) 4,000. Showered. 4,500. Past the word limit. 5,000. Had to delete a shit-load. back to 4,4450. Checked postsecret. Commented on postsecret, struggled to be witty. Need to write coherent introduction, conclusion and connections. Considering failing IB and making jewelry out of seashells.

Recently finished a performance for charity, managed to raise 1.7 million won [roughly $1,831 USD] through yelling at peers to buy tickets. Scenes didn't suck like I thought they were going to, didn't get yelled at for making virgin/cum/penis jokes. Played Slaptake twice in one night. Second time, no one came onstage to bell us to finish the scene. Face was very red and very hurty. Haven't been able to write full sentence. Note form is pretentious. May start crying in a few minutes due to not being able to be bothered to do very important work. Managed to get French and Saunders clip uploaded by total stranger. Promised first-born to said stranger.

.....*vomits and faints*
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Date: 2007-03-28 17:50
Subject: All work and no play
Security: Public
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And now for something completely different.
I'm currently in Singapore, sitting in an apartment with a balcony that looks over a large pool where children skip and run and urinate. The weather alternates between the sprinkling rain to the strangulating heat but the sky, only slightly littered with clouds, still radiates a powerful blue. And I'm sitting here doing eco.

what the fuck?
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Date: 2007-03-22 17:12
Subject: XD
Security: Public

I have been waiting for this film for fucking ages.

God I love Russia. Communism, great films? They got my vote.
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Date: 2007-03-19 15:28
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
I haven’t stopped working the past few days. iTunes has an Iranian classical station which I’ve been listening to for the past hour and a half. I think my brain is dead..

this song is called Chareh e Del

that's a hilarious name.
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Date: 2007-03-11 16:18
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
I’m having an incredibly out-of-body few weeks recently. I’ve been studying, working, all my shows are on a collective hiatus again, I’ve began to see that Lost will never be the Goliath of a program it once was but rather just a sort of self-perpetuating disaster, creating even more room for plot-holes and irregular cast appearances. Apparently Bernard and Rose were replaced by thinner, younger actors who are less interesting and less talented in saying such emotionally challenging lines as “Where’s Locke?” or “Sayid said we should stay here”.

Personally I think JJ Abrams has amazing ideas, and once he begins to extend those ideas, they get a little screwed up and not so good. Alias was a brilliant show in season one, it was fast-paced and very clever, double agents for an agency that doubles as CIA and the like? That was cool. Some priest living for six hundred years in the basement of some building waiting for Jennifer Garner to steal something? Less cool. A plan crashing on a mysterious island where everyone seems connected? Clever! The same people going on an epic battle against a confusion cooperation that may or may not have killed a group of scientists? Kinda dull…

At this moment in time, I’m supposed to be commenting on a poem, I know what the poet was trying to say, but I have no idea what I’m supposed to write about. Really the poem is about sex, and how men are animals in that they only really want one thing, sex, and the woman in the poem is only interested if she’s going to get something out of it (re: money) but how I’ll make that into an essay is just difficult. Maybe I could write an entire essay on how all the men are actually Jesus..

Fucking bullshit poetry bastards balls
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Date: 2007-03-06 17:30
Subject: No day but tomorrow
Security: Public
I know I’m posting this early but fuck you, I’m allowed to be early. I don’t want to do history or math so I post, huzzah? Huh-zah. This post is basically to celebrate the day that is March 7th. ‘Why would I want to celebrate March 7th?’ You may be asking yourself, well you inquisitive bastard, its because it just happens to be the day of Saints Perpetua and Felicitas, patron saint of married women……..also because Rik Mayall was born on the 7th as well as Olga Aleksandrovna Ladyzhenskaya I swear to Saint Perpetua and Felicitas I didn’t make that up, she’s the cutest little Russian mathematician ever..

It snowed yesterday; snow is my mute button to the world. No matter how many loud Icelandic bitches keep waking me up on the bus, or how many times I have to refrain from slapping someone in the hallway, or how badly I want to kick the ecowhore in the groin, snow cancels all that out. It’s too pretty not to let it affect you, the way it dances as it falls and instantly disappears. I was happy.

Happy Birthday Rinrin. You can have my hetsecks ne tyme kthx <3
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Date: 2007-02-17 11:13
Subject: Heyz Guyz
Security: Public
Sadly a short update [yay] because I'm meeting up with a friend I haven't really had stable contact with for a long time, knowing me I'm expecting a hilarious party of awkward silences and comments like "So its been really nice weather recently.."

Really the reason why I decided to update was to blatantly mock the world we live in. So in looking at Time, the headlines read:

CNN: Girls School Bombed in Tehran
Putin Hints at His Successor
$1.8B Tax Cut Passed By House
9 Shot As Mardi Gras Begins
DA: Cops Justified in Killing Gunman
9 Child Flu Deaths Worry Schools
No Recourse for Air Passengers
Study Shows Infants Form Memories
Nicole Richie Charged With DUI

That's right ladies and gentlemen, Nicole Richie, the epitome of class, talent and justified spending, has actually been charged with a DUI. Who can comprehend this madness? I mean seriously.. its times like these when we need a public figure that invokes hope, stirs up peace and give a general 'good-times' feeling. Someone like..... Madonna.

I want to be like Gandhi and Martin Luther King and John Lennon -- but I want to stay alive.
MADONNA--during an interview Wednesday on Sirius Satellite Radio, which will be rebroadcast Saturday.

Well I feel safe.

Whats happening with you guys...
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Date: 2007-01-24 18:25
Subject: 10 things meme as well as a trivial update!
Security: Public
Music:Love will Tear us apart - Susanna & the Magical Orchestra
But see I don't see like... one of you every day.. so I could really just email adri.. because I'm pretty sure she's the only one who would actually read this [because you have no life. HAH SUCK IT]... but still I was tagged, and as I am well aware of the curse of the tagged, I must venture onwards. But I cant just update with a meme, because then I'd be one of those people, that just updates with memes, and people are all "I DUN FREND PPL DAT ONLY PST MEMES K?" which is depressing.

So meme now, pathetic excuse for an update later.

Rules: Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 10 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks.

10 FINGSCollapse )
Uh,I tag everyone that hasn't done this before, and would like to ^^

I got sick, which sucks. Like.. my immune system is usually kickass, meaning I get sick probably once a year.. apparently this is the time to get sick. So I keep floating in and out of consciousness, last night I managed to get the worst sleep of my life, probably getting about two solid hours of sleep, with six hours of really crappy, itchy, hot, thirsty, bored, drippy nose-ed sleep. I'm desirable....

Mother Dearest continues to come into the room to boost my self esteem by telling me "You look like crap" or "You sound horrible..." Its like being on Americas Next Top Model, only rather than constantly talking about herself, Tyra just beats you down with some Lead Piping... in the Conservatory.

So yes. I might try to make a conscious decision to update livejournal more, however lack anything interesting to update it with. I COULD talk about the awesome adventures I have with my talking unicorn friend, Cornelius Blue-crabs, who can fart rainbows and happiness. Oh Cornelius Blue-crabs.. saving the world one smiling orphan at a time!

No seriously what the hell am I talking about...

Is anyone still reading this?
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Date: 2006-12-15 18:51
Subject: Woot! Update!
Security: Public
As promised, ew what the hell this font is so large, right problem solved, yes so as promised an update of substantial length, as I've sucked at that for a while so.. onwards to the update!

I'm in Singapore, basically doing exactly what I do in seoul, sitting on the computer watching shows, constantly sitting on msn and pretending like I have a social life outside of my pretty little laptop. A few days ago I reached the age of no return, I am not legal to buy cigarettes in most countries, and really feel like I should, just because I can. I also am seriously considering taking home a pack of Dunhill's for my nicotines craving friends as in Singapore, and Australia also, they put pictures of the consequences of smoking ON the pack. So with a refreshing Menthol, you also get a glimpse into the wonders of mouth cancer. Mmm.

But the really integral point to this little coming of age, is that in approximately a week I'm going to australia where I can buy alcohol. About two months before actually turning eighteen, I was up at two in the morning planning my attack. When arriving in Sydney Airport, i'm going to go straight to duty free, buy a bottle of undecided alcohol and a bottle of Baileys, and hopefully be half drunk before arriving at my sisters apartment. Sounds like a plan yes? Yes. And thus will be my legal state in any situation concerning extended family.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to finish Ishmael [related story in one second] at Starbucks after assaulting toastednoodlewith my good looks and astonishing hilarious wit... or well.. maybe I'll just scream "LINH AHH" and she'll be all "Sh I'm working"... ahh it will be glorious.

So Ishmael right? I'm in ecosystems and societies, a class about.. well... i'm not really sure because I haven't paid attention since last year, but the point is, she assigns this book to us, Ishmael, and decided that because people were complaining about the irrelevancy of the book to the course, she'd set a fifty point test about the book. Now I like reading , I've seen posters of Oprah that say "Read" so I do. But I have a really big problem with crappy books. Ishmael is probably one of the crappiest I have read recently. The content is fine, sure, but the style and the whole constant reassurance that mankind has fucked the world over, is really dull. Hey author guy.. checkout what I can do.. write your entire book in a few sentences!
Spoiler Warningz Look out u guyz!
"So like there was an ad in the paper for someone wanting to teach people how to save the earth. I got there and it was the biggass ape who had learned to communicate telepathically, and he taught me that the world is screwed and though he's a talking ape and i'm a whiny whore, we both speak identically . I now live in a tree hut and eat my own fecal matter."

Okay so the hut thing was my own interpretation, but the guy is the biggest shithead anyway so the whole fecal matter thing stays.

Uhm............that's basically it as of now
If I forgot anything.... oops?
Whats up with the rest of y'all?
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Date: 2006-12-14 16:15
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
HOLY CRAP THIS HAS CHANGED SO MUCH... Since last I updated...
Dear Live Journal,
teh new layout is hot..

So I'm leaving soon
like now
Email me kay?
If... you don't have my email...
wait isn't it on my little information page? Whatever the case I want constant breaks from the whole mad orgies with Linh thing..[STFU LIN YOU CAN'T RESIST THE SEX]

Wee! Jesus day!
My updates are so shit at the moment. I'LL WRITE A REALLY GOOD ONE IN SINGAPORE I SWEAR
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